Survey on Children’s Cultural Services


As part of the International Children’s Culture Forum in Tampere, Finland 30.9.-1.10.2019, the Association of Finnish Children’s Cultural Centers conducts a survey on children’s cultural services. In addition to the forum participants, we hope that this survey is answered by many children’s cultural operators from your country. We kindly ask you to answer the survey and distribute this link to your network.

We aim at creating long-term partnerships and structures for European countries to act on behalf of children’s cultural rights and equal participation in arts.

The aim of the survey is to gather information and interests from children’s cultural operators from different countries, discover children’s cultural operators in Europe and the world, find out about the needs for international cooperation and mobility of children’s cultural professionals and find out the need for policy paper/s for children’s culture.

Please answer the survey by November 10th 2019.

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