Experimential Colour Workshop for Babies

The Experimential Colour Workshop for Babies is a workshop developed by the Pori Centre for Children’s Culture and designed for families with babies. The central working principles of the workshop are the multisensorial experientiality and experimentality of colours and materials, an interactive way of working, being in the moment, and actor-focusedness. The main aim is sensing and experiencing. The Experimential Colour Workshop for Babies offers possibilities of multifaceted interaction between a baby and an adult.

Pori Centre for Children’s Culture began the Experiential Colour Workshop for Babies, for under one-year-olds, in 2003 in collaboration with Pori Art Museum. Thanks to great demand, the activity has been developed and expanded according to the Colour Workshop methods also to over one-year-olds and adults. The idea of Experiential Colour Workshop for Babies is based on the method developed by the director of Pori Centre for Children’s Culture, Päivi Setälä and the workshop mentors. This workshop method has spread in Finland and abroad. It has been presented in festivals and events in France, Italy, Northern Ireland and Estonia, for instance.

Further information about the method and courses on Colour Workshop’s site.

The baby colour therapy workshop is based on the multi-faceted experience of colours and materials, interaction and living in the moment. The activities were developed by the Pori children’s cultural centre on the Satakunta children’s cultural network. www.varikylpy.fi. Photo by Päivi Setälä